The authors

Peter Snowdon, director

Peter (*1964) was born and brought up in Northumberland, England. He studied French and Philosophy at Oxford University, before moving to Paris where he worked in publishing and journalism, and as a consultant to UNESCO. He lived in Egypt from 1997 to 2000. On his return to Europe, he started making agit-prop documentary films. Over time, his work has evolved beyond the purely political to engage with the experimental and avant-garde traditions, and to address wider philosophical issues. He has travelled and worked widely around the world, in particular in the Palestinian territories, where a number of his films were shot, and India, where he was a consultant for the International Society for Ecology and Culture.
His short films have won him the inaugural Northern Film and Media Sound and Image production grant, as well as prizes at Toma Unica (Madrid), Malescorto International Short Film Festival, and Kansas City Film Festival. His work has screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Documenta Madrid, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Cinema Vérité (Tehran), Experiments in Cinema, Ecrans documentaires, Entrevues and Abandon Normal Devices, as well as at the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. His films are distributed by the Collectif Jeune Cinéma and Dérives magazine. He is currently based in Belgium, where he is preparing a PhD on vernacular video and documentary practice after the Arab Spring at MAD Faculty (PXL/Hasselt).

To learn more about his film work, visit his website.

Bruno Tracq, co-writer, editor, producer

Bruno works in Brussels and Paris as director, editor and producer. As an editor, he has worked on many documentaries, short fictions and features, in particular with director Jaco Van Dormael, as well as with contemporary artists. His own work as director includes an analysis in film of the works of Michael Haneke, and the short fiction Walking Ghost Phase. He is also active as script doctor (for example, for Benoît Mariage) and has a number of fiction projects in development. He was president of the AJC, a state-funded production workshop in Brussels. He teaches film making at ERG and at the Belgian national film school (INSAS). The Uprising is his seventh collaboration with Peter Snowdon.

Please visit his website to view more about his work.

Olivier Touche, sound designer

Olivier is a recordist and sound designer based in Paris. He has worked extensively on production and post-production sound for both fiction and documentary films, in particular with directors Samuel Benchetrit, Jean-Marc Barr, Shalimar Preuss, Justine Triet and Blaise Harrison. The Uprising is his fifth collaboration with Peter Snowdon.